Corkers Gourmet Crisps

Our potatoes are award winning, this coupled with our unique frying technique gives Corkers its unique, cleaner tasting crisp with a superior crunch.

Once harvested, we store our potatoes at the optimum temperature in order to prevent the starch turning to sugar. This means that when fried, Corkers Crisps maintain an authentic potato taste. We then slice the potatoes thinner than other premium crisps before they are fried to ensure they have a larger crisp count per pack than their competitors.

Since they are grown, stored, prepared, cooked and packaged on the farm, a crisp with better provenance would be difficult to find. Supplying stockists with the finest, handmade wholesale crisps.

Corkers Vegetable Crisps

An array of brightly coloured, traditional vegetables including parsnip, carrot and beetroot are grown in the rich black peaty soils alongside our Corkers Naturalo potatoes. Growing our own vegetables allows us to be in complete control of our supply chain from seed to packet - essential to us as provenance and origin is an ethic we promise to our customer.

In 2015, we celebrated two new vegetable fryers! And now we have a range of hand-cooked vegetable crisps and after a bit of time, care and devotion we have found the perfect conditions and seasoning for the delicate vegetable crisps.

There are no MSGs and the flavours are created using natural ingredients. So visitors to Corkers HQ can dig up their own potato, carrot, parsnip or beetroot fry it up, flavour it and enjoy the most authentic British crisp ever made in under an hour!

Hand-popped Popcorn

Here’s to the quirky . . . here’s to the innovators . . . here’s to the British twist on tradition that drives the nation’s quintessential creativity. And here’s a characteristically original take on the classic American snack.

Conceived with care at our Fenland farm HQ, this is the finest corn around – hand-popped for maximum pop and naturally flavoured with flair.

POS Materials

Corkers have produced a wide range of point of sale displays, from clip-strips to stand desgns, all designed to display our crisps at their best and help you to maximise sales.

Whether you order direct from us or not, get in touch by submitting a contact form or call us on 01353 699000 to discuss your promotional needs.

Large Stand

What better way to display a variety of tasty snacks. The dimensions for the FSDU is: 160cm tall x 35cm deep x 50cm across. Please note, that it is designed to fit 4 whole cases of 150g but will take about 5 cases of the 40g

Counter Top

A handy way to display a small selection in a limited space. The dimensions for the Counter Top is: 29cm tall x 23cm deep x 40cm across. Please note that this design holds 12 x 40g packets at a time.

Clip Strips

A handy way to display a small selection in a limited space. Display your Corkers Crips range with our range of clip strip displays.

Order a sample

Do you work in trade? Request a sample of our Corkers Crisps so that you can taste the Corkers difference for yourself.

Or just give us a call on 01353 699000 to request a sample box.

*Please note there will be a £5.00 charge for samples post and package, upon your first order this will be reimbursed. This is payable by BACS or Card and we will contact you to arrange this. *

Download our Brochure

For an offline version of the Corkers story, why not download our 6 page brochure.