Ferblanc exists to advance research programs in neurological medicine for conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, MS, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, depression, brain trauma and paralysis.

Neurological disorders affect one in every eight people. Even though we live in a world of advanced technology, we still know very little about how to cure or prevent such conditions. Institutions and individuals wishing to pursue research and development in one of Ferblanc’s neurological fields can apply to the Ferblanc Medical Council for a grant.

Corkers are proud to have sponsored this magnificent fund raising effort. We loaned them one of our Corkers vans to use as a support vehicle, and we loaded it up with our energy boosting delicious Corkers to keep them going on the way!

The epic team of 23 cyclists raised an unbelievable £82,000 for neurological research.


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