You will have heard of the Oscars for movies, the BAFTAS for television, a Grammy for music and even a Tony for musical theatre but for us at Corkers, one of the most important awards is the Great Taste Award.

Organised by Guild of Fine Food, these awards are acknowledged as the benchmark for fine food and drink. As one of the worlds’ largest and most trusted food and drink awards, its logo is the signal to look out for when purchasing from your favourite retailer. The awards support, promote and mentor artisan food producers both large and small who want to supply the UK independent retail sector.

Over the space of 65 judging days, 500 judges work in small teams to judge over 12,000 food and drink products in a judging venue in Dorset, making critique decisions on who should be awarded what star grade for their products – it’s all about the stars. They judge on great taste and the results highlight the standard required.

We entered our favourite crisps into the awards and crossed our fingers they would shine amongst the other contestants.

Corkers Sea Salt and Black Pepper Crisps

We are pleased to say that 6 flavours were recognised by the judges and were awarded a star rating!

Our Sea Salt and Black Pepper crisps came out on top with a fantastic 2-star outstanding award, making them above and beyond delicious.

Following closely afterwards, the following five flavours were awarded a 1-star, recognised as simply delicious:

At Corkers we do things differently. We pride ourselves on being the best crisps brand in the UK, so all our crisps are hand cooked.

All of our flavours use the best ingredients to create an exciting and satisfying taste experience, one which we are proud of and are thrilled has been noted in this year’s awards.

Our crisps are currently on sale through Easy-Jet and Ocado, along with multiple pubs and garden centre shops across the United Kingdom – keep an eye out and try them for yourselves!

We want to take this opportunity to thank the Great Taste Awards for our star rating and for loving our crisps almost as much as we do!

Corkers Crisps Take 7 Stars At The Great Taste Awards