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How it all started...

It’s probably fair to say that not many ideas are hatched on a ski lift and few, if any, make it beyond passport control. But when best friends Ross Taylor and Rod Garnham came up with a Corker of an idea, it wasn’t long before they were fine-tuning our flavour combinations and developing quirky packaging that keep our gourmet crisps so fresh and delicious. That was back in 2010 and since then Corkers has secured its place as one of the most iconic brands of crisp in England.

Growing our own vegetables means we are in complete control of our supply chain from seed to packet, this is important because provenance and origin is an ethic we promise to you, our customer.

From quintessentially English stately homes, National Trust properties, the National Gallery, countryside farm shops and local deli’s, to railways and airlines… Corkers is developing and changing everything we do, with new products coming soon, but still connected with our roots.

Our special touch…

At Corkers, we do things differently. To be the best crisps brand in the UK, we had to stand out so, we even have our very own potato - the Naturalo potato is only grown on our farm in the rich peaty Cambridgeshire fens. It is the perfect frying potato and its what gives Corkers natural crisps their unique flavour and crunch.

Hand cooked on the farm

Willow Farm in Ely is in the heart of the Cambridgeshire fens, and has been farmed by four generations of the Taylor family. We farm over 600 acres of the richest fertile soil in the United Kingdom.

We have been growing potatoes since the 1800’s. What makes our Potatoes regarded as amongst the best money can buy is due to our unique soil that we farm.

Our potatoes are award winning because they fry so well, it’s what gives Corkers its unique cleaner taste and superior crunch. Once harvested, we store them at the optimum temperature to stop starch turning to sugar. This means that when we fry them, Corkers Crisps maintain an authentic potato taste. And we slice the potatoes thinner before they are fried giving you more crisps per pack than our competitors.

We grow, store, prepare, cook and package on the farm, so you know that everything is done in one place giving you the freshest tasting, crispiest crisp you will ever taste.

Our special peaty soil

The rich, black peaty oak soil, rich in nutrients gives our potatoes a unique oaky taste and superb tasting chips, roasting potatoes and even great results for jacket potatoes. And of course, the unique tasting crisp!

Bog oak has long been an important feature of the fen landscape. Bog oak comes from trees that, when they fell thousands of years ago, were buried and preserved in peat bogs. They lay beneath the surface, undisturbed in the acidic bog conditions, until the fens began to be drained. Then, as the peat dried out and shrank, the tree trunks became gradually closer to the surface of the soil.

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Our Naturalo potato…

Four generations of the Taylor family have been growing England’s finest potatoes since the 1800s. After many years of potato development we are now extremely proud and and excited to introduce our new potato variety that is not only healthy but also tastes fantastic creating our best natural crisps!

Our Naturalo potatoes are grown with the highest quality control standards every step of the way. It all begins by using the best quality certified Naturalo seed which has been tested before planting to make sure it is disease free. Naturalo potatoes absorb less oil during cooking making them doubly healthy. Potatoes are packed with vitamins and minerals and Naturalo now brings the consumer a lower carbohydrate and lower calorie potato to help maintain a healthy diet.

Naturalo Potatoes proudly carry the Red Tractor logo. The Assured Food Standards agency guarantees that all products carrying this logo have been produced to the highest standards from the farm right through to the retail shelf.

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Our company…

Working with Charities

At Corkers we believe in supporting charities with their fund raising activities. This can be in the form of donating products for auctions and raffles or donating proceeds from events we are exhibiting at. We have had bake-off events in the office for MacMillan and Children in Need and one of our sales team was even arrested and taken away in handcuffs by the local police for a "Jail & Bail" event for the Addenbrookes Hospital Charitable Trust (ACT), only being released once a certain amount was raised.

We are proud to support the Liam Fairhurst Foundation and have worked with them since our launch in 2011. It is a local charity which supports young people and families with cancer, illnesses and disabilities.

So far, we have done a 600 mile bike ride, a sky dive, the Hard Core 10k Run (One True Grit) and the Brighton marathon. We also donated 2p per bag from our sales and contributed money that was raised from our Biggest Bag event, because we love the work that the charity are doing for young people.

Awards to shout about

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet too much, but we are proud to announce that we have been awarded gold stars from the Great Taste Awards and more recently for our Mixed Veg crisps! The awards are considered to be the benchmark for speciality food and drink, all products are judged by over 405 specially trained judges.

Record breakers

With two world records under the belt having launched the first pack of crisp into space and owning the biggest bag of crisps in the world weighing in at 1.14 tonne Corkers Crisps don’t do things by halves.

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